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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How Can I Watch Live Satellite TV On My PC Now?

Are you looking for a way to watch live satellite TV on your PC? I was looking for answers to this question some time back. After much searching and trying out various methods, here is what I managed to find out.

In summary, there are at least more than 3 methods to watch live satellite TV on PC. There is no perfect way. Most have its strengths and flaws. And quite a good number of them are only short term methods while others are too expensive for most folks.

Signing up for a monthly television subscription with a satellite or cable TV provider is what most families especially for the internet savvy ones do. For a basic package, you can get over 100 channels. Sounds like a good deal especially when there are more added for free due to the fierce competition in the market. But what most people detest is the lack of live satellite TV channels to watch. The majority are recorded broadcasts.

The subscription fee is over $20 where I stay but this can vary. The sad thing is, each time when the games season arrives, I have to subscribe for the premium sports TV channel so that I can watch live satellite TV on my PC and not miss the season. There were months when my bills choke up to more than $200!

Several buddies and I decided to try out those hardware cards called PCTV cards. For about $100, we managed to bid and buy a used card from eBay. So, we get to watch live satellite TV on PC and get more than 100 plus channels. We liked the idea that there will not be any more monthly bills to pay but were quite disappointed with the small program selection. Also, it took us a couple of hours before we got it to work.

The best ones can be found at the shops in the mall. Some can get you more than 400 programs. These are all broadcasts from states across US as well as from foreign countries. But the cost of a premium card like this is $300 upwards which is way beyond our budget.

But we were glad to later find a better and more affordable option to watch live satellite TV on PC. Recently, a revolutionary software called PC satellite TV software emerged in the market. We could buy this cool software to watch over 3000 television stations with less than $50. And this is a one-time price. From then, we could watch movies, TV shows and live sports channels like Sport Star, GameSports TV and ESPN News.

The software fetches feeds from Free to Air FTA stations which meant that we can watch live satellite TV on PC legally and for free. We love that! See what it can screen on your computer through the link below.

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