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Monday, November 19, 2007

Anyone Can Watch Satellite TV on PC With a Touch

While many people often relate satellite television to monstrous satellite dish, many viewers are open to a new revolutionary way to watch satellite TV on PC instead of on television. To watch satellite TV on PC relies on a technology that totally departs from the old dish system.

Most non-techie folks would be glad that you need not know anything about your computer’s parts in order to watch satellite TV on your PC. Two options are available to watch satellite TV on PC, namely a software and a hardware version. In case you wonder what is required, you would have to ensure that your computer is checked against the requirements of the hardware or the software package before you can watch all the satellite TV channels available on your PC. Very soon, you would discover that the 2 methods I showed you are excellent in giving you quality satellite TV viewing experience.

Minimum System Settings Required

Installing a quality PCTV card can let you watch satellite TV on PC. The PCTV card is ingeniously hardwired to be able to leverage on your computer’s inherent capabilities and make it broadcast like a television. The PCTV card comes in either internal or external card version. Using the internet PCTV card can be quite daunting if you are not comfortable with dismantling your PC. Fortunately, the card makers understand that not everyone wants to do it the tough way and have come up with the external card which can be connected via cable to your computer’s USB port.

You need to know your PC’s system configurations before heading to the hardware store to purchase the card to ensure compatibility. If your computer is at least a Pentium 3 and comes with a RAM speed of more than 128 MB, you should be safe. There are other things you may need to check such as whether your computer has enough disk space and what is the OS your computer is running on.

Some TV enthusiasts are also buying new parts for their computer so that when they watch satellite TV on PC, they would get the best experience out of it. Getting the latest GeForce multimedia graphics card and a large screen LCD to watch satellite TV on PC would make the experience outstanding.

High Speed Broadband Connection

It is ideal that you get a broadband connection if you do not have one to watch satellite TV on PC clearly. It can be quite disrupting if you are using slow speed dial up connection to receive the broadcasts.

The Software Option

Nowadays, with the creation of satellite software, you can get to watch satellite TV on PC conveniently. The whole set up is like this: you make a payment online, download it and click install before you can proceed to watch satellite TV on PC. Sounds easy?

Do not be surprised by the huge collection of satellite television channels you can find when you watch satellite TV on PC using software. For a price tag lower than $50 per pop, this software is a great deal for the 3000 over worldwide TV stations you get to watch. Put a stop to expensive monthly TV bills and clumsy satellite dishes. Just download the satellite software, install it and be ready for long hours of quality TV entertainment.

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